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Play The Pixel Platformer game AlkerniaLegends WITHOUT INSTALLING/Downloading!!
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HBD Abdulla!

Hey guys, The Lead Level Designer of Our team Abdulla Al Zaabi‘s Birthday is Today😄✨🎉🎊🎆🎇🎁🎂!!! We couldn’t think of anything to do as he Told us today and He lives in the UAE so we couldn’t be with him in this day… But still, we wish a life (also AfterLife) full of Happiness😄, Stay well, Be Well Brother… BTW, the font was made by Iftee(that’s why it ain’t that ColourFul/good😛)cropped-abdulla.png

AlkerniaLegends just got Updated from beta v0.8.79 to v1.21.891!!

AlkerniaLegends update info of v1.21.891!!

AlkerniaLegends just got some Fancy new Updates, and it is just Awesome, with Much more new:-

    1. New Levels 😻,
    2. A new Story🤓, (written by a Pro😃, university student and Writer😮: Nitish Srivastav)
    3. Cutscenes🤗!!!,
    4. No FULLSCREEN ADs😍 (Only Rewarded Ads, and Banner Ads) 😃
    5. No In-App Purchases🤑
    6. more SFX, VFX,
    7. new UI and GUIs!,
    8. New Characters including
      • Haijan👦,
      • Neko 👱,
      • Blob 👶,
    9. New Game Feel and Experiences

    and, Many more Eye-catchy Updates!!!
    So, GET Ready cause, the new —

         AlkerniaLegends version 1.33.54 Will be in #GooglePlayStore

Welcome to IFTgames’s Official Site😃

The journey of this Indie Game Company started on November 12, 2016. Back then, it started with two peoples Iftee, and Bassel Mahmud (Left for Education Purposes on April 16, 2017)… After Bassel left, Three people came Abdulla Al Zaabi (Lead Level Designer+ Game Design Specialist) , Odyssey (Professional Artist) and Nitish Srivastav (Story Writer and Art+ Design Recommender)… After this, The Our indie company started working on different 2D projects…